Contest “THE BEST VOICE”, first edition

Regulation of international vocal contest

I. General information

Voice interpretation contest "THE BEST VOICE" is organized by the Association of Dance Center-Vocal "Sisters and Brothers" in partnership with the local administration of  Ciocana sector. The competition takes place annually, in January-February and is intended for everyone.

II. Objectives

  • Promotion of vocal art nationally and internationally.
  • Identify new talents in the vocal art
  • Promotion of young artists.

III. Contest Steps:

  • Stage Step I.

Will participate all applicants who sent the request to the organizer.

Competitors will perform a song in the official language of the State.  Participants will entry on the stage by the age category in an alphabetical order. / The appearance on the stage will happen/ take place by the age category in an alphabetical order.

  • Stage Step II.

Will participate 15 competitors from each age group, selected by the jury and from the online voting contest. Competitors will perform a song in a foreign language. Entrance on stage will take place by age categories in alphabetical order.

  • The final Stage.

Will participate the five competitors from each group, selected by the jury and from the online voting from step II. Competitors will perform the song they have chosen, a different one from the previous stages.

Entering the scene will take place in the order defined by the Organizer. Are invited all contestants who took part in the competitio . All contestants who took part in the competition, are invited to be present in the final for awards.

Note: The Organizer has the right to reduce the number of participants who were promoted  to the final if there are fewer than 15 participants in the age bracket.

IV. Venue of the contest

Stage I and II of the competition will take place at this address: the sector Ciocana(Chisinau city, Mircea cel batran street 4/3). Venue for the final round will be announced additionally.

 V. Conditions of participation

  • In the contest are allowed all interested persons who have reached the age of 7 years old or older; regardless of their ethnicity or religion.
  • The song must belong to Pop music (pop, pop-rock);
  • The participant will perform live, solo. Backing vocals (playback or LIVE) are allowed only in case if it doesn’t repeat the main vocal theme.
  • Are allowed the choreographic scenes ;
  • on the stage (vocalists, dancers) should not be more than 4 persons.
  • Are not allowed the songs with explicit, political, religious message;
  • The song should not be longer than 4 minutes.

VI. Age category

  • 7-9 years;
  • 10-12 years;
  • 13-14 years;
  • 15-17 years
  • 18 years old and older

 VII. The registration in the contest

Competitors have to send the invitation with the subject: "THE BEST VOICE Contest" at the organizer’s address  (via email or Moldova Post office) until 20 December 2015.

The request will include the following information:

  • Name, surname of the participant;
  • Date of birth of the participant;
  • Contact details (address, locality, phone numbers);
  • Teacher's name and last name;
  • Teacher's contact details (phone number);
  • An artistic photo, color (portret) to the site;
  • Brief information about the participant (that will be placed on the website);
  • A copy (or photo) of a document  that will confirm the age (identity card, passport);
  • The phonogram of the song for the first stage of the competition (by email or on Audio CD);
  • Additional requirements for benefit if necessary (support for microphone, microphones for backing vocals, special inventory).

VIII. The judging process

The jury members will be determined by the organizer in advance, but will remain a secret until the beginning of the contest.

Judging I stage: The jury will promote in the next stage 12 competitors.  Other 3 contestants will be selected by the online voting.

Judging II stage: The jury will promote in the next stage 4 competitors. Other 1 competitor will be selected by the online voting.

The final stage judging:  The jury will vote in open form.  Announcement of results and awarding will take place on the final day of the contest.

The  decisions of the jury will be definitive and cannot be challenged. Any attempt by a participant to influence the results will be penalized with disqualification from the contest.

 Online voting will be calculated by the number of likes on each participant’s photo from the official page of the contest on facebook ( ).

Note: If the organizer will notice any fraud with photo likes, the voting will be restarted.

         The totals from the online voting and announcement of candidates promoted to the next stage will take place the day after the deployment phase of the competition.

IX. Criteria for assessing

  • Vocal and interpretive qualities (the intonation, compliance with temp, diction and voice emission);
  • The costumes corresponding with the age, the song, the show and the stage presence;
  • The song must correspond to the age of the competitor;
  • Manner of interpretation to correspond with the type of music selected;
  • Quality of instruments (negatives).

X. Awarding

The finalists will compete for the Grand Prize, first place, second place, third place and laureate (diplomas, cups, gifts from partners and sponsors). All  participants will receive diplomas and gifts.

XI. Financial Conditions

The contest has no funds and it is held from the voluntary donations from the participants, partners and sponsors.

Competitors will pay the participation fee  the amount of 100 lei (MDL) for each stage of the competition and will bear the costs for transport, accommodation (by necessity) and food, at every stage of the competition.

The organizer will bear the expenses necessary for the organization of the competition:

  • Print the diplomas (for participants, sponsors, partners, jury);
  • Editing Print the visual materials (programmers, posters, badges, invitations);
  • Manufacture of trophies for the finalists;
  • Rent of the halls and the necessary equipment for the competition;
  • Publicity from own financial sources and from the partners.
  • Maintain the web page of the contest.

XII. The program of the contest

DateStageAge categoryEarly repetitionStart of the contest
23.01.2016Stage I7-9 years, 18 years and older09:00 am11:00 am
23.01.2016Stage I13-14 years01:00 pm 03:00 pm
24.01.2016Stage I10-12 years09:00 am11:00 am
24.01.2016Stage I15-17 years01:00 pm 03:00 pm
31.01.2016Stage II7-9 years, 10-12 years, 18 years and older09:00 am11:00 am
31.01.2016Stage II

13-14 years, 15-17 years


01:00 pm 03:00 pm
07.02.2016The final stageAll categories10:00 am02:00 pm

Note: The program can be changed.

 XIII. Final provisions

  • The organizer has the right to take photos and video from all contest’s levels for a better organization of the competition, archive, advertising, TV and radio broadcasts;
  • All competitors will sign the Declaration for the right of interpretation the song;
  • The holder of the trophy in each age group, at the invitation of the Organizer, will participate in the next editions of the contest as a special guest without payment.

XIV. Organizer Contacts

Director of contest: Andrei Boaghe
Phone number: + 373.22.800.448, + 373.69.447.448;
Address: Moldova, Chisinau, Petru Zadnipru street 12/2,
Dance–vocal center "Sisters and Brothers";
E-mail:; Website: